Connect with us.

Our address:
Connect FM
4112C Fieldstone
Champaign IL 61822


On-air call-in number:
217-359-CALL (2255)

Email us:
Diane Ducey
Patty Dudley
Mary-Lynn Foster
Stevie Jay
Lon Tay
Jeremy Werner
Linda Zigament


9 Responses to Connect with us.

  1. Brody Keith says:

    Great Job on getting Lon Tay!

  2. Fred Groves says:

    Hello and congrats on the new station. I have been a midnight worker in Champaign for over 23 years and I use to enjoy very much the Jim Bohannan show of a night on WDWS. I am now in a building that cannot receive AM transmitions so I am listening to different FM stations but can no longer get any updated news from midnight till about 5:30am.

  3. Bob LeMent says:

    Congrats to getting Lon back on airwaves, the guy has a great voice. I can remember that guys voice from way back listening to him do the sports at WIDB down in Carbondale.

  4. John Tilford says:

    Thanks so much for an entertaining station. I have been listening to the Wall Street Journal news every morning and love it. Patty Dudley also ROCKS!

  5. Hi Mary-Lynn, Ryann, and Diane! I am listening to you as I work at my office. You guys rock!

    • Diane says:

      Thanks for listening! Great to be on the air with such talented people and getting folks to chime in with their ideas! 359-2255 (CALL for your cell!)

  6. Brent Carmien says:

    Lon you sound great and really enjoy the show. Keep up the good work and glad to hear you are going to have the Cardinals this year.

  7. Jana Johnson says:

    I am heard that Patty is now working at myconnect! I am excited about your new talk radio…best wishes for a successful run!

    Listening from Charleston!

  8. Ann Mullins says:

    I so like this new station! I now listen to it when I wake up, and also on my drive to work! Keep up the good work!

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